CRISTADUR®Horizont N-200

Curves all round Design emphasis on smooth corners

Plug and play Comes with additional tap holes

Cover up Chopping board hides the sink

Eye catcher Patented overflow design

For true chefs Perfect with a steamer

NoteIf you want LED lighting in both bowls, please order two of this item.



The numerous premium features inherent in CRISTADUR® are now joined by an innovative world first: CRISTADUR® Green Line sinks are ~99% made from natural, renewable or recycled raw materials and can themselves be recycled in a closed cycle at the end of their product life.  Genuinely Sustainable. Genuinely Premium.

15-year warranty

In cooperation with our partners worldwide we offer end customers the chance to extend their product warranty. Please contact your local dealer for a warranty that lasts 15 years – in other words, a kitchen’s lifetime.


Looking for the perfect complement to this sink? We at SCHOCK view our CRISTALITE® and CRISTADUR® taps and granite sinks as an inseparable team – not only when it comes to their functions, but also in design, shape, colour and finish.



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