Green Line
The sustainable 

genuinely sustainable. genuinely premium.

the new Cristadur® Green line

With resource-saving production, natural quartz sand from Bavaria and raw materials efficiency at 90%, all of our sinks are already made in harmony with nature and the environment. Plus, with the CRISTADUR® Green Line, we have now developed the first material that is ~ 99% made from natural, renewable or recycled raw materials.

Like all SCHOCK sinks, these select models consist of up to 75% quartz sand. This is combined with natural colour additives and binders made from recycled or renewable materials.

The result: the most sustainable quartz composite sink from SCHOCK.


Technology patents pending


proportion of natural, renewable or recycled raw materials 
IncreaseD to ~ 99% in the product

Classic Line

Green Line

NRM* increased from 75% to as much as 82%

Classic Line

Green Line

BCI** now as high as 30%

* Natural Raw Material Index (share of natural + renewable raw materials) 

** Biobased Carbon Index (share of renewable components in the binder)


Green Line

“We never stand still, and so we take what really moves our customers and turn it into reality. 
CRISTADUR® Green Line is the latest result of our innovative spirit.”

Sven-Michael Funck, CSO


 with our closed cycle

SINK GREEN is a holistic mindset extending across the entire product lifecycle. Because even though our highly sustainable SCHOCK sinks are made to last, they will still need to be replaced at some point. This is where our cutting-edge recycling technology comes in: your CRISTADUR® Green Line model goes back into OUR closed cycle and is recycled by us into new sinks. 

We are already using this system to recycle used materials from our Green Line production process into new products. However, our ultimate goal is to enable our customers in Germany by 2021 to easily and conveniently return CRISTADUR® Green Line old sinks to our closed cycle.


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