Braune Spüle


Brown kitchen sinks


Why are modern coffee shops mostly decorated in shades of brown? Because brown is both cosy and stylish. Brown also creates a modern feel-good ambience in the home. The kitchen is of course no exception as a meeting point and the hub of the home. Around the sink, too, brown goes just as well with modern materials and colours as it does with kitchen evergreens.

From classic to extravagant: Brown sinks can be anything you want them to be

Brown granite sinks in CRISTADUR® or CRISTALITE® go well with white, grey or red kitchens and with all natural materials and finishes from granite to wood. In combination with light turquoise or pale blue they look fresh and unseen.

From Bronze to Alpaca and Sand to Terracotta, there is a wide selection of brown SCHOCK sinks available. A brown granite composite sink certainly has no trouble showing off its beauty.