Sinks for 120cm cabinets

Invitingly large:

A 120 cm sink


If you like to make multifunctional use of your sink and get up to much more than just washing the dishes in it – such as washing and prepping fresh vegetables or fish – then you’ll love our spacious and multifunctional Prepstation D-150. As a multifunctional sink centre, it offers all sorts of support for the process of cooking and prepping delicious meals and serves as an extension of your worktop.

The measure of all things in the sink area

An innovative sink centre naturally requires a suitable kitchen UNIT. Besides a cabinet measuring 120cm or 48 inches wide, two 60cm cabinets would work just as well. As an added plus point, the Prepstation offers an extra large space underneath for a SMART recycling system or for storing your washing-up and cleaning utensils. Either way, the Prepstation D-150 WITH A matching kitchen cabinet shows one thing for sure – true greatness.