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60% of all kitchen chores are done at the sink. And most of the time it doesn’t stay clean. Here we’ll show you how easy our sinks are to clean and which care products are best suited to your quartz composite sink from SCHOCK.




The combination of quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, and binders is what protects SCHOCK sinks so well against scratches and dirt and makes them so durable. The CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® finishes were specially developed by SCHOCK for the demands of the kitchen. The rigours of everyday use leave barely a trace.

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The dirt repellent effect prevents germs and bacteria from taking hold on the surface. And if the kitchen chores do end up leaving their mark, you can normally clean it off with a little water and washing-up liquid. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple.






The cleaning and care substances in the various care sets are specially designed to meet the needs of quartz composite sinks. Only a few drops of the highly active, environmentally friendly substances are needed to remove any residues, discolouration, scale build-up or even damaged spots with the appropriate cleaning set. The magic sponge quickly and easily gets rid of metal scuff marks. Care substances wrap the quartz composite sinks in a special layer of protection. 

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Movie material – service videos from SCHOCK

What special features does my SCHOCK product have, what’s the right way to install it and what tools do you need? How should I clean my sink and how do I keep my SCHOCK products looking good? Find all the answers in the service videos from SCHOCK. The short clips provide technical information, installation instructions and care tips:




The key questions and answers about keeping your SCHOCK sink clean and looking good.


You can use ordinary household cleaners, such as washingup liquid, to clean your sink. We recommend the SCHOCK care range created for your specific product in addition, as these substances have been specially developed for the sink’s quartz composite finish. For instance, using DurCare on the premium CRISTADUR® finish with the dirt repellent effect makes dirt and grime easier to remove. The EasyCare Set is suitable for both material finishes. With regular use it will keep SCHOCK sinks looking good and protect them long term.

For intensive cleaning, dissolve max. 2 dishwasher tablets in 3 litres of water and apply the solution to the dirt or stains and leave it to soak in, preferably overnight. Then rinse with plenty of clear water and dry with a cloth – and stubborn dirt will be a thing of the past. SCHOCK also offers you a perfectly matched range of care products. Our EasyCare Balm is optimally suited to giving your sink some TLC after cleaning.

For CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® sinks we recommend keeping the surface clean with ordinary washing-up liquid or a SCHOCK magic sponge. If you have a light-coloured sink you can use the EasyCare Brightener from time to time. Then seal the surface with EasyCare Balm.

We recommend you use the EasyCare Descaler to quickly and eff ectively remove limescale, soap scum, cloudy build-up and grime. It also gets rid of stubborn scale deposits, preventing germs and bacteria from taking hold.

Just dampen a SCHOCK magic sponge and rub the scuff marks away – easy.

Years of kitchen life and kitchen chores are bound to leave their mark. The finish on a SCHOCK sink can easily be refreshed with the help of the DurCare Set.

The best way to clean our mixer taps is to use conventional washing-up liquid and a sponge or cloth. Avoid bleaching agents or acid-based cleaners and rough sponges (such as metal pot scourers).


Sink Green with our 3-part sustainable kitchen accessory set. 

Contents: Plastic-free beech wood dishwashing brush with sisal fibre bristles, plant-based dishwashing sponge made from cellulose and sponge gourd, and reusable 100% organic cotton net bag for fruit and veg.

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Treat them right – with SCHOCK care products

Care substances wrap the quartz composite sinks in a special layer of protection. In our spare parts shop you’ll find specially developed care products you can use to effectively remove stains.