Sinks based on quartz sand

Our CRISTADUR®and CRISTALITE®kitchen sink materials:

The stuff sink 
dreams are made of




The perfect kitchen sink has many criteria to meet: it must be easy to clean and maintain, beautiful – naturally – as well as durable, practical and ready for anything. When choosing a sink, you will be confronted with a multitude of different materials. Should you opt for a stainless steel sink, a ceramic sink or perhaps a granite composite sink?

Easy to clean sink


Cristadur® UND Cristalite® materiaL Properties

SCHOCK sinks mainly consist of natural quartz sand. The premium satin matt finish CRISTADUR® and the stony surface CRISTALITE® were specially developed for the demands of the kitchen. 
The rigours of everyday use vanish from the tried and tested material almost without a trace.


Inventor of the granite sink made from CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE®


As the inventors of this type of kitchen sink, we are of course a little bit biased when it comes to choosing the right sink finish. We recommend CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® – and we’ll explain the difference between them briefly here.


The numerous premium features inherent in CRISTADUR® are now joined by a new innovation: CRISTADUR® Green Line sinks are ~ 99% made from natural, renewable or recycled raw materials and can themselves be recycled in our closed cycle at the end of their product life.


Patented premium finish with a silky-smooth texture/feel

Intense colours (the darkest black in the quartz composite market since 
2013, pure white from 2021)

Green Line sinks recycled in a closed cycle 

Dirt-repellent effect makes it extremely easy to clean

Flush-mounted installation and various premium features available

Made to last and sustainable (15-year extended warranty*)


*In cooperation with our partners worldwide we offer end customers the chance to extend their product warranty. Please contact your local dealer for a warranty that lasts 15 years – in other words, a kitchen’s lifetime.



CRISTALITE® is our classic, and it is constantly setting new trends in the contemporary kitchenscape with many fashionable shades of colour. The CRISTALITE® surface finish is slightly rough and stony to the touch and is a reminder that even this on-trend material is made from the hardest constituent of granite – natural quartz sand.


Stony, slightly rough finish/feel

On-trend material with many fashionable, 
natural-looking shades

Resource-saving production 

Robust on-trend material 

The classic SCHOCK sink 

Beautiful in appearance and attractive on price









Twice as good: 

Both CRISTALITE® and CRISTADUR® consist of up to 75% natural, Bavarian quartz sand and are handmade in the Bavarian Forest. 


Handmade in Germany
Feine Oberflächenstruktur

We are keen to optimise both materials continually, including by making them even more sustainable in future.

The new CRISTADUR® Green Line is a start, being ~ 99% made from natural, renewable or recycled raw materials.



SCHOCK SINKSin Cristadur® and Cristalite®