SCHOCK mixertaps to matchyour kitchen sink

No SCHOCK kitchen sink should ever be without the right kitchen tap. SCHOCK offers a wide selection of high-end, modern mixer taps to ensure that the sink and tap are a perfect couple. The tap not only has to suit the kitchen and the SCHOCK granite sink in quartz composite, it also has to meet the individual requirements of everyday kitchen life.

Kitchen taps for every requirement and any style

Do you want a pull-out kitchen tap with spray head to wash your fresh vegetables with? Or would you prefer a mixer tap that can be placed in front of the window? Do you need a low pressure tap? Are you keen to set interesting accents with a white or black kitchen tap, or even opt for a golden look instead of the classic stainless steel kitchen tap?

Do you want the colour and material of the tap to be a 100% match with your CRISTADUR® or CRISTALITE® sink? Then you’ve come to the right place. From the right shape to a range of practical functions and modern finishes to innovative features – together we will find the right SCHOCK mixer tap for your needs.