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OUR Path

to a sustainable future

SINK GREEN is our path to a sustainable future and includes the continuous optimisation of our processes at all levels.









Nobody can disconnect from this world - it is the blue planet weve been given (...), whether we like it or not.

Friedrich Schock, 1995









   All days for future.

    Ralf Boberg, 2020

PhilosophySink Green

For us, sustainability is not just a trend, it is part of our DNA and brand.
The connection to nature and the resulting attitude towards sustainability is reflected within the different facets of green thinking.
SINK GREEN influences the daily actions of SCHOCK and our products.


Cristadur® Green lineGENUINELY REGIONAL.GENUINELY Premium.

The most sustainable quartz composite sink from SCHOCK with the well-known quality features of CRISTADUR® and surprisingly intense colours.



~  99 % made from natural,
renewable or recycled raw


returnable sinks for 
added wow factor 
with our closed cycle 

MADE IN BAVARIA:Regional ProductionACting together for one another

We produce all our SCHOCK sinks regionally in the Bavarian forest.
Besides environmental protection, to us sustainability also means social responsibility towards the region and our employees. 



Resource-saving Production
 in the Bavarian forest

our Mission is Green

We have already reached some important milestones along the way - like halving our water consumption and implementing our ambitious energy management system, which is ISO 50001 certified. But we never stand still. We have already reached the next level. We purchase 100% green electricity with proof of origin. Further steps? Coming soon!


Design or sustainability:
Why decide?