A quiet revolution:

SCHOCK kitchen taps with ultra-quiet aerator


These days, when kitchens are the hub of the home and are often designed to be open plan with the rest of the living space, the sound of loud running water can be disturbing. Such room-filling noises have to be minimised as far as possible to create a feel-good ambience in the modern kitchen.

As you can hear, you hear nothing at all

The ultra-quiet aerator is a technology that produces a soft and quiet water jet and comes with selected SCHOCK mixer taps. The noise is the only thing that’s noticeably reduced – not the flow of water. In another plus point, the low-noise water jet also sprays significantly less than a tap with a conventional aerator.

This innovative function is particularly interesting for high rise mixer taps. To see which of our SCHOCK premium kitchen taps with ultra-quiet aerator enable you to have a particularly peaceful time doing the kitchen chores, take a look here.