Fixed kitchen tap

Firmly fixed: 

Kitchen tap withfixed spout


With a fixed tap, the water always comes from above. Greater freedom of movement can be achieved with a swivel spout. Fixed taps, as the name suggests, have few moving parts and are therefore particularly low wear. 

The best things come from above

Wherever you don’t need flexibility – for example in a space-saving 1 bowl sink – SCHOCK mixer taps with a fixed spout are a good solution. The spout can sit back or extend further into the basin depending on your individual needs. A short spout won’t be in the way when you need to put something big in the sink. For washing-up or filling large containers, it’s usually more practical if the spout extends further into the middle of your granite sink in CRISTADUR® or CRISTALITE®. Either way, SCHOCK offers a wide range of premium mixer taps with fixed spouts. Where? Here.