warranty conditions for cristadur®



Schock GmbH of Hofbauerstrasse 1, 94209 Regen, Bavaria, Germany, registered in the commercial register of Deggendorf district court under HR B 2950 (hereinafter referred to as “Schock”) grants consumers, besides and in addition to the seller’s warranty for faulty goods, a durability warranty under the following conditions and to the extent described below.

As the manufacturer, Schock guarantees that properly used SCHOCK Cristadur sinks from Schock shall be free of functional defects for a defined period of time.

“Consumer” within the meaning of this manufacturer’s warranty means any individual who owns a SCHOCK Cristadur sink and has not acquired it in order to resell it or install it in the course of their own commercial, self-employed activity for a third party.

The primary end consumer is the consumer who first purchased the product – from Schock, a dealer or any other individual or company who resells or installs SCHOCK Cristadur sinks as part of their own commercial or self-employed activity.

Under the following conditions, Schock guarantees that the SCHOCK Cristadur sink sold and installed by Schock in the Federal Republic of Germany shall be free of defects for the duration of the agreed warranty period when used properly. If a SCHOCK Cristadur sink is found to be defective during the warranty period, Schock will, at its own discretion, repair the product at no cost to the primary end consumer or replace it with a corresponding or similar and equivalent SCHOCK Cristadur sink free of charge in accordance with these warranty conditions.


Warranty period:

The warranty period is 15 years and begins on the day of purchase by the primary end consumer. If you wish to make a claim, please contact the seller directly. You will need to present the SCHOCK Cristadur sink and your proof of purchase. If two years have elapsed, please contact Schock directly for clarification on how to proceed. Please notify Schock of send your claim at the following e-mail address: service@schock.de


Prerequisite for the manufacturer’s warranty:

To benefit from the warranty, the consumer must accept this warranty policy vis-à-vis Schock in writing.

This can be done

a) by registering on the SCHOCK website at www.schock.de/gbr_en/warrantyextension within 6 months of the date of purchase and

(b) by presenting the original receipt for the purchase of the SCHOCK Cristadur sink covered by the warranty.


Warranty protection:

The warranty policy is valid for SCHOCK Cristadur sinks purchased and used by primary end consumers in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1 January 2020 (based on the date of the receipt). Schock guarantees consumers that SCHOCK Cristadur sinks shall be free of material, manufacturing and construction defects. The state of the art in science and technology at the time of production is material. At that point in time, SCHOCK must already have evinced the failure which caused the damage. The warranty covers freedom from defects in the function and materials/finishes of the SCHOCK Cristadur sinks.



  • The following damages are excluded from the warranty:
  • Transport or freight damage
  • Damage due to incorrect installation
  • Damage due to misuse, e.g. placing overly hot pots in the sink
  • Damage caused by improper care or chemicals or cleaning agents
  • Incorrectly drilled or knocked-out holes
  • Usage-related scratches and/or stains
  • Normal wear and tear, e.g. scratches, stains and flaking
  • Usage-related changes to the finish/colour
  • Slight colour differences compared to the colour sample or print materials (which are due to the natural ingredients used to make the SCHOCK sinks)
  • Damage due to extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Damage caused by outdoor use
  • Damage caused by third parties or force majeure (such as fire or water damage).

Also excluded are all accessories (drain fittings, strainer basket, mixer tap, mounting brackets, etc.). Schock is not responsible or liable for any indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the use of its products.


This warranty is also subject to the condition that:

The consumer notifies the seller of a defect covered by the warranty policy or, after two years have elapsed from the date of purchase, the consumer notifies Schock in writing, within two months of the defect becoming known to the consumer or being identifiable, which can also be done by sending an e-mail to service@schock.de. The decisive factor for determining the deadline shall be the date of receipt by the seller of the notification from the primary end consumer who purchased the SCHOCK Cristadur sink or, after two years, the date of receipt of the notification by Schock.

  • The SCHOCK Cristadur sink has been used as intended
  • No attachments, conversions or other modifications have been made to the SCHOCK Cristadur sink without authorisation, or
  • The SCHOCK Cristadur sink has been installed, maintained and cared for in accordance with the SCHOCK user manual
  • The SCHOCK Cristadur sink does not exhibit any chemical or physical effects on the material finish which may have been caused by improper use, e.g. damage caused by incorrect cleaning agents or sharp-edged objects. Such damage is not covered by the warranty.
  • The SCHOCK Cristadur sinks were not purchased as seconds or samples
  • The SCHOCK Cristadur sinks were not purchased at the factory outlet (proof of purchase required).


Other warranty conditions:

If Schock determines upon inspection of the SCHOCK Cristadur sink that the fault/defect in question does not constitute a warranty claim, the costs of the inspection by Schock shall be borne by the consumer.

Transport costs and transport risks will not be borne by Schock.

A warranty claim shall exist only upon presentation of the SCHOCK Cristadur sink and proof that the functional defect occurred within the warranty period. Such proof can be provided in particular by presenting the proof of purchase. It is therefore recommended that you keep your proof of purchase in a safe place until at least the end of the warranty period.

This warranty applies exclusively to SCHOCK Cristadur sinks purchased in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria or the Czech Republic (“scope of the warranty”) and supplied by Schock to a local distributor and used and installed exclusively within the scope of the warranty. SCHOCK Cristadur sinks which have otherwise come within the scope of the warranty or which have not been used and installed continuously within the scope of the warranty during the warranty period are expressly excluded from this warranty.


Warranty terms:

The warranty consists exclusively in the replacement by Schock of SCHOCK Cristadur sinks in the event of a functional defect occurring within the warranty period at its own discretion, at no cost to the primary end consumer, or a free replacement delivery of a corresponding similar or equivalent SCHOCK Cristadur sink. Schock reserves the right to adapt the warranty terms in line with technological progress. Any costs, expenses, postage and the like incurred by the warranty holder shall not be reimbursed. Assembly, dismantling and transport costs shall also not be reimbursed. The warranty does not cover operational loss, loss of profit and consequential damage caused by a defect in the SCHOCK Cristadur sinks.

Claims for compensation for consequential damages or product liability shall only exist to the extent provided for by law.


Information in the case of warranties (Section 477 BGB):

Irrespective of this manufacturer’s warranty and of whether or not the prescribed warranty is invoked in the event of a warranty claim, the consumer shall have statutory warranty rights towards the seller without restriction. Therefore, in addition to or even without asserting warranty claims, the consumer may at his own discretion assert the legally regulated buyer’s rights against the seller owing to defects of the goods – in particular after fulfilment, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or damages (see Section 437 BGB and the corresponding special limitation provisions in Section 438 BGB). The warranty applies without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability regulations, such as the Product Liability Act, in cases of intent and gross negligence, injury to life, body or health by Schock or its vicarious agents.