Always looking to make the best even better, sink pioneer SCHOCK has put its exclusive material CRISTADUR® through a further evolution: Organic fibres cross-link the material and strengthen its positive attributes many times over. A special fibreglass product is cast into the base of the sink - an area subject to especially high stresses - which increases the impact resistance of the material enormously. Developed in-house by the materials research team, the technology is patent pending.


The name says it all. More than two years of R&D have gone into CRISTADUR® to create a SCHOCK sink material with properties that elicit extreme performance. CRISTADUR® offers even more gleaming colours, is even easier to clean with an enhanced dirt-repellent effect and, importantly, is more hard-wearing than anything else you'll find on the market. This is a development with consequences reaching beyond the improvement of the material itself: The extreme strength substantially minimises the material's risk of transportation damage, making it possible for the sinks to be shipped in reduced, environmentally friendly packaging.

Logically enough, an extreme material must be subjected to extreme tests. The standard tests that all SCHOCK sinks go through are not enough in this case. Watch the endurance tests CRISTADUR® has to withstand before SCHOCK is prepared to unleash the material on your kitchen:

Ice hockey challenge

To simulate an impact load far in excess of anything tested under lab conditions, SCHOCK called up the local ice hockey team, ERC Red Dragons Regen, and dared them to "bombard" the new CRISTADUR® model, the Greenwich N-100.

Off-road sink race

Does an extreme material still need packaging? SCHOCK was keen to know, so they arranged a sink race for CRISTADUR® to show just what it could do - a unique interpretation of packaging-free "transportation".

* Impact resistance is up to 4x higher in the reinforced areas. (DIN 53453)