220 mm
285 mm
200 mm
285 mm
  • Length of supply hoses 470 mm
  • Swivel range 360°
  • Length of supply hoses 400 mm
  • Swivel range 360°
  • Quarter turn valve
  • Pull out
  • Pull-out spray head
Available colors
  • Silverstone Silverstone
  • Chrome Chrome
  • Puro Puro
  • Bronze Bronze
  • Stone Stone
  • Magnolia Magnolia
  • Carbonium Carbonium
  • Magma Magma
  • Polaris Polaris


With this tap, design follows function. This principle influences even such small details as the position of the spout. In the development phase we paid particular attention to ensuring great functionality - for instance by integrating a large cartridge for greater water volume, making it quicker and easier to fill things up in the sink.

Exceptionally easy to clean as fingerprints or water marks are barely visible on the coloured finish. Available in one of premium CRISTADUR® coloured finishes as well as in chrome.


Technical image
Technical image
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    Technical drawing fixed spout

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    Technical drawing pull out

  • Video 1: Installation video