The Aztec Empire was a high civilisation far superior to the standards of its day. Inspired by this frontier spirit and the diversity of South America's landscape, from wild steppe to striking high plateaus and majestic mountains, we developed a range of intense CRISTALITE® colours that are at once elemental and pioneering. Because they are in touch with nature, combining an earthy feel with subtle gold effects. Because they present kitchen architecture in a new, golden light. And because they bring not only a shine to our sinks, but also a smile to the face of every trendsetter.

Four intense, new colours herald a golden era for stylish combinations with wood and stone finishes or earthy tones in 2018: Alpaca is not only the animal which boasts the best wool in the world and a starring role in the new SCHOCK consumer advertising campaign, but is also the name of the new and on-trend CRISTALITE® colour, a light brown which is the perfect shade to give your kitchen a premium upgrade. Roca with its shimmering grey tone is reminiscent of striking rock formations towering above all else and simply surpassing the rest. The Inca have always been famous for their gold-working skills and so they lend their name to our fashion-forward, golden-brown CRISTALITE® colour. And Volcan is named after the legendary black volcanic rock that can strikingly shape not only entire landscapes but also the style of a contemporary kitchen.