Kitchen sinks – boring? No way!

If we had to describe SCHOCK in just one word it would be: change. And quality. Or design. Colour, obviously. Or zeitgeist, of course. And courage. Innovation. Pioneering.

Good job we don’t need to pin ourselves down to just one word or one direction.

The SCHOCK spirit combines the extremely high standards we have of our 'handmade in Germany' claim with thought-provoking design concepts to make a design object out of what was once the plain-Jane sink in the corner of the kitchen. It is what motivates our entire team, time and again, to inject colour into our everyday lives - and our kitchens. It is what gives alpacas and deep-sea divers the leading roles in our consumer advertising campaign. And it is what you can see all through our colourful SCHOCK magazine and in our shipping container showroom or the special kinds of events we put on, such as a kitchen sink derby or an ice hockey challenge for SCHOCK sinks.

In short, it is the SCHOCK spirit that makes our people and our products what they are today and what they always will be: Never ordinary. Every day.

Tough by nature: Bavarian quartz sand

Having the highest quality standards for your own work is only any good if the material you're using is able to meet those standards. That is why we use quartz, the hardest constituent of granite. We source the natural raw material from Bavaria and process it at our plant in the Bavarian Forest. The result? Sinks which are robust, durable, ecologically sound and absolutely food-safe. And which have a natural connection to their Bavarian environment - just like our company.

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