February 2019

We take a voyage to the Far East and into the realm of fresh, vitamin-rich steam cooking: After washing our fresh vegetables, fi sh or meat at the sink we can put them directly and ergonomically into the steamer right here. All made possible by our custom-fi t steamer accessories for various SCHOCK sink models, like the Prepstation D-150 and the new Kyoto range.

Custom-fi t accessories, including multifunctional bowls, chopping boards, crockery baskets and Gastronorm containers, turn the sink into the perfect all-rounder in the kitchen. Tailored solutions create a sense of order, maximise the sink area's potential and minimise the eff ort of prepping fresh food.

  • SCHOCK Sage

Sage: a serene shade of green

December 2018

When lush greenery meet misty grey skies, a very special atmosphere materialises - and a very special colour, one that is currently all the rage in fashion, architecture and technology circles: Sage. The pale greyish-green goes well with all kinds of interior design styles, from the modern country kitchen to the designer loft apartment. Sinks in the colour Sage look especially effective in combination with black or white stone finishes as well as marble or light wood.

  • SCHOCK Canyon

Canyon: a warm shade of red full of primeval impact

December 2018

The Grand Canyon greets visitors with warm tones, rich light and a breathtaking sight - just like the fashion-forward colour Canyon, newly available for the sinks in our Nemo range and the Manhattan D-100. The terracotta colour is great for emphasising features without being loud. Teamed with other reddish tones, with wood or copper, or even with contrasting colours like opal green, Canyon adds a touch of extra style to any interior design scape, from the ethnic trend to the Mediterranean look to retro style.

WG-100 – The perfect connector for the Perfect Drain and InSinkErator®

July 2018

Our patented Perfect Drain turns the drain hole in many of our SCHOCK sink models into a designer element. With this system in place, the drain cup merges seamlessly into the base of the sink and disappears under the stylish cover. And SCHOCK also offers the WG-100 adapter to provide a perfectly dimensioned way of connecting up the food waste disposers from InSinkErator® and certain other manufacturers. Compatibility with numerous common waste disposal systems is guaranteed.

Efficient use of space: The Mono D-100XS

July 2018


The compact size of the Mono D-100XS makes it perfect for the smaller kitchen where every bit of space needs to be used optimally. Special features:


  • With the tap ledge positioned to the side, this model is perfectly suited to installation in front of the window.
  • The shorter draining board means that you don't have to do without a work surface to the side even when space is tight.
  • At the same time the Mono D-100XS is big enough to wash bulky pots and baking trays, boasting a large bowl (440x440x200mm) that fits in a 60cm cabinet.


The model is suitable for flexible installation in the worktop in any one of the three installation options. The sink also comes with a tailor-made wooden chopping board with stainless steel handles, making it useful for carrying things. And a draining rack for drying dishes at the sink.

Prepstation D-150 – Project Outdoor Kitchen

May 2018

Spring is the season when life returns to our gardens and patios - the perfect time to address the on-trend subject of cooking outdoors. A freestanding outdoor kitchen with an additional pull-out work surface is the response to this trend proffered by design studio dizzconcept. A fully equipped kitchen island including premium built-in appliances makes open-air dining a breeze and puts itself at the centre of any garden party. At the heart of this cooking island is our innovative sink concept, the Prepstation D-150. It offers the perfect place for hosts and guests to prepare the dishes for dinner together to the sound of clinking glasses in celebration of the precious time spent together. The Prepstation is the perfect setting for these shared moments - from the popping of champagne corks to the serving of fine desserts. We are thrilled that this unique product makes us part of the Nota outdoor cooking concept and some unforgettable evenings, too.

  • SCHOCK Daja

Daja – crisp straight lines meet soft rounded contours

May 2018

The Daja mixer tap is a new addition to our assortment in 2018. Available with a fixed or pull-out spout, this tap scores highly with its modern look combining straight lines and rounded contours to form an exciting accessory that looks great in combination with linear sink designs. Compact in size, the Daja can swivel through 360° and the pull-out version offers a choice of beam or shower jet. Both variants are available in chrome or any of the CRISTALITE® colours.

  • SCHOCK Millennial Pearl

Millennial Pearl

May 2018

In the dephts of the sea lie hidden treasures like pastel shades and expressive nuances, which are reflected in the latest fashion and in cutting-edge trends for interior design and technology.

Millennial Pearl is a multifaceted colour, perfect for individualists who want to upgrade their kitchen with the stylists' and interior designers' favourite, a soft rosé shade. Copper or concrete finishes round off the look perfectly.

  • SCHOCK at KBB 2018

KBB 2018 – An extra-ordinary trade fair experience in Birmingham

April 2018

Our exhibition booth held numerous innovations from the SCHOCK product world in store for the many kitchen industry delegates who visited KBB Birmingham 2018 at the beginning of March. Despite the challenging weather conditions our participation in this exhibition was a total success. We were able to build new contacts with various customer groups while grabbing their attention by showcasing the SCHOCK brand within a brightly coloured world of inspiration - 100% true to the COLOUR YOUR LIFE essence of our brand. See the link for some images from our SCHOCK booth in Birmingham.

  • SCHOCK Millennial Cliff

Millennial Cliff

April 2018

Millennial Cliff is the new grey tone added to our range in premium CRISTADUR® finish. It is solid as a rock, a premium, matte grey tone that can bear up to the power of water and the highest standards of style and colour design alike - especially when teamed with black marble or dark oak.

  • SCHOCK Millennial Dive

Millennial Dive

April 2018

20,000 leagues under the sea is where a unique, mysterious world of sublime colours - mellow and cool - begins.

The dark blue of Millennial Dive, one of three new colours added to our range in premium CRISTADUR®, pays homage to the mysterious underwater world that opens up on a deep-sea dive. The full depth of this striking shade unfolds in combination with natural oak, white marble or slate.

ISO 9001 certificate

March 2018

Manufacturing very durable products that retain their value is our way of doing our bit for sustainability - because objects produced with care and expertise don't need to be replaced so often. Impartial certifications have accompanied us along this road and paved the way into a healthy future where quality work leaves a lasting impression.

To help us meet these standards, we introduced a quality management system which also achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2017. The system makes sure that process safety and transparency inform everything we do - a plus for us and for our customers, who can benefit from the resulting high-quality products handmade in Germany.

  • SCHOCK Primus C-150

Golden Line - Volcan

March 2018

South America's unique and varied landscape provides the inspiration for Volcan, a shade of black of the new CRISTALITE® Golden Line that brings the wild power and mysticism of volcanic rock right into the kitchen. The shimmering reflections of the legendary black shade unfold perfectly in combination with brass or brushed metal.

  • SCHOCK Manhattan D-100

Golden Line - Roca

March 2018

SCHOCK brings a touch of South American flair into the kitchen with a new premium colour collection: The practical finish of stylish CRISTALITE® along with the product benefits offered by the sinks themselves come together here with a range of natural and exotic colours to pick up on one of the latest trends, earthy tones being more popular in the kitchen than ever before. Copper, gold, stone, wood and dark colours convey a sense of noble exoticism, of mystery. A SCHOCK sink equates to an upgrade of any kitchen.

South America's unique and varied landscape is reflected in Roca, a shimmery grey reminiscent of rock formations which can be combined with grey engineered stone.

  • Primus D-150 in Inca

Golden Line - Inca

March 2018

To achieve the intense colours of the Golden Line, SCHOCK developed a new and complex mixture of special-effect pigments that together take CRISTALITE® to a new level.

The Inca have always been famous for their gold-working skills and so they lend their name to our fashion-forward, golden-brown colour. This shade of brown effortlessly picks up on the ingenuity and artistry of its eponymous civilization. When teamed with sandstone or walnut surfaces Inca will not only bring a shine to our kitchen, but also a smile to the face of every trendsetter.

  • SCHOCK Primus D-100L in Alpaca

Golden Line - Alpaca

February 2018

The Golden Line transports consumers into the world of lost civilisations and enriches the stony finish of CRISTALITE® with intense colours reminiscent of the culture, landscape and wildlife of the fascinating continent.

The alpaca is an animal at home in the Andes. Enjoying a general resurgence in popularity all round, the peaceful alpaca is the star of SCHOCK's new German consumer ad campaign. A member of the camel family, the alpaca is known for its silky fleece, which is in fact one of the highest-quality wools to be found on any animal in the world. The Alpaca of the Golden Line brings some of this intrinsic value into the kitchen in a lovely light brown which is the perfect shade to give your kitchen a premium upgrade - especially when teamed with natural oak.


The added WOW factor – Prepstation by SCHOCK turns film star

February 2018

The added WOW factor - That is exactly the effect you get with the Prepstation by SCHOCK, and with the new series of videos made by the granite sink manufacturer to showcase its sink concept of the future. On stage in three videos: Three videos have been released, demonstrating just how the Prepstation helps users to prepare food. And they come complete with the recipes for three culinary adventures too. The innovative sink concept won "Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2017" in March of this year - and is now eagerly anticipating its next award: the Oscar in the still-to-be-invented category of "Best leading role in a product utility video".

New premium collection for CRISTALITE®: Golden Line journeys into the world of the Incas and the Aztecs

December 2017

SCHOCK brings a touch of South American flair into the kitchen with a new premium colour collection in 2018. The Golden Line transports consumers into the world of lost civilisations and enriches the stony finish of CRISTALITE® with intense colours reminiscent of the culture, landscape and wildlife of the fascinating continent. To achieve the intense colours of the Golden Line, we developed a new and complex mixture of special-effect pigments that together take CRISTALITE® to a new level. Our eye-catching sink areas shape the look and feel of any kitchen. The extremely intense colours in the collection offer almost endless combination possibilities. From warm and natural blends of wood and rocky grey to exotic combinations of copper, gold and black, the new shades span a broad spectrum to add individuality to any kitchen.


November 2017

With the new and on-trend Millennial Line SCHOCK brings a genuine highlight in the Greenwich and Wembley CRISTADUR® model ranges to market.

The sea is a captivating subject for people. Inspired by images of curious creatures that populate the depths, of hidden treasures in ancient shipwrecks or of the bright and brilliant underwater world of the South Seas, everybody has a vivid picture of life beyond the water's edge. It is this picture that the new Millennial Line draws upon. Developed by SCHOCK for its patented premium CRISTADUR® material, the new collection adds another splash of colour to the sink and tap manufacturer's range catering to the upmarket lifestyle. The combination options are almost endless - the Millennial Line blends just as well with steel furnishings as it does with copper, marble and PVD-coated finishes. Its nuances suit the popular industrial look of the day and can create a wide range of different moods and styles in enthralling interior design combinations, making the new collection the first choice for individualists looking for that special something.

Matt steel-grey – New stainless steel mixer taps

August 2017

Steel-grey - yet another nuance on the grey scale. This mid-tone grey will have a role to play in the SCHOCK portfolio this year, as we have extended our range of stainless steel mixer taps for 2017. The new additions at a glance:


- The new Altos W mixer tap, a below-window model with bayonet fitting, and the Altos S, a space-saving variant, complete our popular Altos range.

- The twin spout Conos Pro perfectly complements the Prepstation's innovative sink concept by ergonomically extending the range of action in the wet zone.

- The Vitus and Laios mixer taps with L-shaped spout and the Ares and Kavus models with rounded spout are four more additions to the stainless steel range of SCHOCK mixer taps.


All of the new mixer tap models in the portfolio bring an understated, mellow elegance and matt finish to the sink area. They offer excellent material qualities with their easy-to-clean, scratch-proof and hygienic surface finish. Water marks are kept at bay, fingerprints have no chance.

Metallic anthracite – Dion and Neilos in Gunmetal

June 2017

50 Shades of Grey at SCHOCK - with a dark metallic grey in a leading role: the premium Dion (fixed spout variant) and Neilos designer taps with Gunmetal PVD coating feature an iridescent anthracite look that brings a touch of luxury and confident style to any kitchen. In combination with one of the SCHOCK designer ranges such as the Waterfall and fitted with trim in the same colour, the anthracite look turns the sink into a stylish element of modern kitchen architecture.

  • Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2017

Prepstation – Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2017

February 2017

The new dimension of SCHOCK sinks has been crowned "Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2017". The Prepstation has won fans - and this award - thanks to its exceptional underlying concept which supports the entire process of prepping and cooking fresh food and turns the entire wet zone into a multifunctional work space for any culinary virtuoso with its 1½ basins and range of customised accessories. The expert jury and consumers alike consider this innovation to be a genuine kitchen revolution and both groups like the well-planned sink design. Contact your sales rep today to find out more about this award-winning product.