Want to get to know the colourful world of SCHOCK sinks in real life?

No problem!

As soon as one of our sinks is installed as the hub of your kitchen and therefore the hub of your life, it becomes the perfect subject for snapshots of all kinds. SCHOCK fans can share their pictures across many different social media platforms. And if you don't have a SCHOCK sink of your own yet, you can try out one of our models in selected designer apartments - made possible by our cooperation with leading community marketplaces for accommodation bookings and rentals.

Designer apartments – SCHOCKed

We have fitted out three exclusively furnished designer apartments in Austria and Spain with our sinks. Book your next holiday in one of them and see for yourself how good life can feel with a SCHOCK sink and how every one of our sinks becomes a versatile everyday aid in the kitchen.


Beautiful New Central Apartment


Ferchergasse Apartment 1


Big Centric Designer Flat with Private Terrace

Is the photo of your SCHOCK sink a real work of art?

Show us!

We are not just excited about these apartments, we are also thrilled to be sharing photos and experiences with our contemporary customers and fans. We invited everyone who loves their SCHOCK sink to share their designer sink centre with us - and we received a colourful potpourri of images and impressions in return. The community has shared not only their pictures but also their feedback with us:

"Design, quality & function are perfectly harmonised. The R&D people and the whole team at SCHOCK have done a fantastic job"

"I think it's great that the sink is so easy to clean and that, even three years on, it's still as white as it was on day one"